Today’s Weather And Current Highway Conditions For Wednesday April 10th, 2019

Mainly cloudy. Clearing late this morning. Wind up to 15 km/h. High +1C. Wind chill -15C in the morning. A few clouds. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low -13C. Wind chill -5C in the evening and -16C overnight. Currently we have clear skies, a temperature of -9C, our winds are 6 km/h from the ENE and will increase throughout the day.

Currently our highways in and around our area are BARE and in EXCELLENT DRIVING CONDITIONS.

There are NO weather warnings and there are NO marine weather warnings.


Current Weather Warnings And Marine Weather Warnings

Current Highway Conditions

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Martian Moon Phobos Crosses the Sun 
Video Credit: NASAJPL-CaltechMSSSCuriosity Rover

Explanation: What’s that passing in front of the Sun? It looks like a moon, but it can’t be Earth’s Moon, because it isn’t round. It’s the Martian moon Phobos. The featured video was taken from the surface of Mars late last month by the Curiosity rover. Phobos, at 11.5 kilometers across, is 150 times smaller than Luna (our moon) in diameter, but also 50 times closer to its parent planet. In fact, Phobos is so close to Mars that it is expected to break up and crash into Marswithin the next 50 million years. In the near term, the low orbit of Phobos results in more rapid solar eclipses than seen from Earth. The featured video has been sped up — the actual transit took about 35 seconds. A similar video was taken of Mars’ smaller and most distant moon Diemos transiting the Sun. The videographer — the robotic rover Curiosity — continues to explore Gale crater, most recently an area with stunning vistas and unusual rocks dubbed Glen Torridon.Retrospective: Previous APODs that appeared on April 10
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