Today’s Weather And Current Highway Conditions For Wednesday March 13th 2019

A mix of partly cloudy today . Wind up to 15 km/h. High +3C. Wind chill -9C in the morning. Partly cloudy tonight. Wind up to 15 km/h. Low -7C. Wind chill -5C in the evening and -10C overnight. Currently some cloud, a temperature of -7C feels like -11C, our winds are 8 km/h from the WNW and will increase to 15 km/h and will remain steady throughout the evening and overnight hours.

Our highways in and around our area are BARE and in EXCELLENT WINTER DRIVING CONDITIONS. Please continue to drive with caution when traveling on our Northern Highways.

We currently have NO weather warnings and NO marine weather warnings


Current Weather Warnings And Marine Weather Warnings

Current Highway Conditions

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Highlights of the North Spring Sky 
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Explanation: What can you see in the night sky this season? The featured graphic gives a few highlights for Earth‘s northern hemisphere. Viewed as a clock face centered at the bottom, early (northern) spring sky events fan out toward the left, while late spring events are projected toward the right. Objects relatively close to Earth are illustrated, in general, as nearer to the cartoon figure with the telescope at the bottom center — although almost everything pictured can be seen without a telescope. As happens during any season, constellations appear the same year to year, and, as usual, the Lyrids meteor shower will peak in mid-April. Also as usual, the International Space Station (ISS) can be seen, at times, as a bright spot drifting across the sky after sunset. After the Vernal Equinox next week, the length of daytime will be greater than the length of nighttime in Earth’s northern hemisphere, an inequality that will escalate as the spring seasondevelops. Also as spring ages, Jupiter becomes visible increasingly earlier in the night. As spring draws to a close, the month of May will feature two full moons, the second of which is called a Blue Moon.Tomorrow’s picture: open space