Today’s Weather And Current Fire Conditions For Wednesday June 6th, 2018

Sunny today with low to moderate winds and a high of 21C. Currently we have clear sky’s, a temperature of of 11C, our winds are light at NW at 3 km/h and will increase to 15 km/h throughout the day.

There are no weather or marine wind warnings for our area at this time.

Our FIRE DANGER sits at LOW: Low (Green) – Fire starts are unlikely. Weather and fuel conditions will lead to slow fire spread, low intensity and relatively easy control with light mop-up. Controlled burns can usually be executed with reasonable safety.




Complex Jupiter 
Image Credit: NASAJunoSwRIMSSSComposition: David Marriott
Explanation: How complex is Jupiter? NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter is finding the Jovian giant to be more complicated than expected. Jupiter’s magnetic field has been discovered to be much different from our Earth’s simple dipole field, showing several poles embedded in a complicated network more convoluted in the north than the south. Further, Juno’s radio measurements show that Jupiter’s atmosphere shows structure well below the upper cloud deck — even hundreds of kilometers deep. Jupiter‘s newfound complexity is evident also in southern clouds, as shown in the featured image. There, planet-circling zones and belts that dominate near the equator decay into a complex miasma of continent-sized storm swirls. Juno continues in its looping elliptical orbit, swooping near the huge planet every 53 days and exploring a slightly different sector each time around.

Tomorrow’s picture: sun stripe

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