Weekend Weather And Current Highway Conditions For Saturday Apr. 7th, 2018

Another cold morning/afternoon/evening and overnight, but the temperatures will be a little warmer starting next week. Currently we have a few clouds, a chilly temperature of -19C feels like -25C with our light windchill, our winds are from the NW at 7 km/h and will remain steady throughout the day.

There are no weather, marine or blowing snow warnings for our area at this time.

Our highways in and around our area continue to be in GOOD spring driving conditions.



Painting with Jupiter 
Image Credit: NASAJPL-CaltechSwRIMSSSProcessing: Rick Lundh
Explanation: Brush strokes of Jupiter’s signature atmospheric bands and vortices form this planetary post-impressionist work of art. The creative image uses actual data from the Juno spacecraft’s JunoCam. To paint on the digital canvas, a image with light and dark tones was chosen for processing and an oil-painting software filter applied. The image data was captured during perijove 10, Juno’s December 16, 2017 close encounter with the solar system’s ruling gas giant. At the time the spacecraft was cruising about 13,000 kilometers above northern Jovian cloud tops.

Tomorrow’s picture: Sunday’s Childe

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