Today’s Weather And Current Highway Conditions For Monday Mar. 19, 2018

Another nice week ahead with no snow in the near future. For today will see a mix of sun and cloud, low to moderate winds and high of -5C. Currently we have some cloud cover, a temperature of -13C with no windchill as our winds are currently calm.

There are no weather, marine or blowing snow warnings for our area at this time

Our highways in and around our area are in GOOD winter driving conditions. Please continue to plan ahead when traveling on our Northern Highways.




The Nebra Sky Disk 
Image Credit: DbachmannWikipedia
Explanation: It is considered the oldest known illustration of the night sky. But what, exactly, does it depict, and why was it made? The Nebra sky disk was found with a metal detector in 1999 by treasure hunters near NebraGermany, in the midst of several bronze-age weapons. The ancient artifact spans about 30 centimeters and has been associated with the Unetice culture that inhabited part of Europe around 1600 BC. Reconstructed, the dots are thought to representstars, with the cluster representing the Pleiades, and the large circle and the crescent representing the Sun and Moon. The purpose of the disk remains unknown — hypotheses including an astronomical clock, a work of art, and a religious symbol. Valued at about $11 million, some believe that the Nebra sky disk is only one of a pair, with the other disk still out there waiting to be discovered.

Tomorrow’s picture: Chicago Henge

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