Today’s Weather And Current Highway Conditions For Monday Mar. 12th. 2018

A nice week ahead with warm temperatures and sunny skies.

The time change has put Sunrise at 8:30AM and Sunset at around 7:30PM.

A nice day is in store for us today with mostly sunny skies, low to moderate winds, no windchill and a high of -5C. Currently we have a few clouds, a temperature of -11C with no winchill as our winds are calm.

We no weather, marine or blowing snow warnings for our area at this time.

Our highways in and around our area are in GOOD winter driving conditions. Please plan ahead when traveling on our Northern Highways.




Flying over the Earth at Night II 
Video Credit: NASAGateway to Astronaut PhotographyMusic: The Low Seas (The 126ers)
Explanation: What would it be like to orbit the Earth? The International Space Station (ISS) does this every 90 minutes, and sometimes the astronauts on board take image sequences that are made into videos. The featured time-lapse video shows many visual spectacles of the dark Earth below. First, as the video begins, green and red auroras are visible on the upper left above white clouds. Soon city lights come into view, and it becomes clear you are flying over North America, eventually passing over Florida. In the second sequence you fly over Europe and Africa, eventually passing over the Nile River. Brief flashes of light are lightning in storms. Stars far in the distance can be seen rising through thegreenish-gold glow of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Tomorrow’s picture: our galaxy: up and down


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