Today’s Weather And Current Highway Conditions For Tuesday Mar. 6th, 2018

All is calm now after our little storm. A mix of sun and cloud, low to moderate winds with no windchill and a high of -5C for today and a chance of some scattered flurries late this afternoon into this evening and overnight. Currently we have some cloud cover, a temperature of -11C with no windchill as our winds are calm.

There are no weather, marine or blowing snow warnings for our area at this time.

Highways in and around our area are in fair winter driving condition as most are partly snow covered and slippery. CAUTION is asked when traveling on our northern highways and please plan ahead.




Colorful Airglow Bands Surround Milky Way 
Image Credit & Copyright: Xiaohan Wang
Explanation: Why would the sky glow like a giant repeating rainbow? Airglow. Now air glows all of the time, but it is usually hard to see. A disturbance however — like an approaching storm — may cause noticeable rippling in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gravity waves are oscillations in air analogous to those created when a rock is thrown in calm water. Red airglow likely originates from OH molecules about 87-kilometers high, excited by ultraviolet light from the Sun, while orange and green airglow is likely caused by sodium and oxygen atoms slightly higher up. While driving near Keluke Lake in Qinghai Provence in China, the photographer originally noticed mainly the impressive central band of theMilky Way Galaxy. Stopping to photograph it, surprisingly, the resulting sensitive camera image showed airglow bands to be quite prominent and span the entire sky. The featured image has been digitally enhanced to make the colors more vibrant.

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