Today’s Weather and Current Highway Conditions For Sunday Jan. 21st 2018

A colder day today, cloudy sky’s, flurries/light snow with a afternoon high of only -15C with windchills in the -20C’s and winds will be low to moderate. Currently we have clouds, flurries, a temperature of -17C feels like -20C, winds are from the E at 10 km/h and gusts will be in the 15-20km/h throughout the day/evening.

There are no weather or marine wind warning for our area at this time.

Our highways in and around our area are slick and slippery with the flurries falling, caution is required when traveling today. I notice through the cameras that the plows are out and  highway conditions improve as you travel further south.



The Upper Michigan Blizzard of 1938
Image Credit: Bill Brinkman; Courtesy: Paula Rocco
Explanation: Yes, but can your blizzard do this? In Upper Michigan‘s Storm of the Century in 1938, some snow drifts reached the level of utility poles. Nearly a meter of new and unexpected snow fell over two days in a storm that started 80 years ago this week. As snow fell and gale-force winds piled snow to surreal heights; many roads became not only impassable but unplowable; people became stranded; cars, school buses and a train became mired; and even a dangerous fire raged. Fortunately only two people were killed, although some students were forced to spend several consecutive days at school. The featured image was taken by a local resident soon after the storm. Although all of this snow eventually melted, repeated snow storms like this help build lasting glaciers in snowy regions of our planet Earth.

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