Your Weekend Weather And Current Highway Conditions For Saturday Jan. 20th, 2018

Cloudy all weekend with a chance of flurries throughout with high’s in the minus mid teens and our winds be moderate which will increase our windchills. Today’s high should reach -11C with winchills it will feel like -20C. Currently we have cloudy skies, our temperature sits at -14C feels like -22C with our windchill, our winds are from the E at 13┬ákm/h with gusts in the 20 km/h range throughout the day.

There are no weather or marine warnings for our area at this time.

Our highways in and around our area are snow covered and slippery. Extreme caution needs to be taken when traveling on our highways today. With the new snowfall and moderate winds there will also be blowing snow in open areas. Plan ahead for winter driving.



Old Moon in the New Moon’s Arms
Image Credit & Copyright: Yuri Beletsky (Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory, TWAN)
Explanation: Also known as the Moon’s “ashen glow” or the “Old Moon in the New Moon’s arms”, earthshine is earthlight reflected from the Moon’s night side. This stunning image of earthshine from a young crescent moon was taken from Las Campanas Observatory, Atacama Desert, Chile, planet Earth near moonset on January 18. Dramatic atmospheric inversion layers appear above the Pacific Ocean, colored by the sunset at the planet’s western horizon. But the view from the Moon would have been stunning, too. When the Moon appears in Earth’s sky as a slender crescent, a dazzlingly bright, nearly full Earth would be seen from the lunar surface. A description of earthshine, in terms of sunlight reflected by Earth’s oceans in turn illuminating the Moon’s dark surface, was written 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci.

Tomorrow’s picture: electric blizzard

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