January Important Dates:

January 2oth/21st – Second Round Of Drug Testing

January 21st – Math Provincial Exams

January 22nd/23rd – High School Final Exams. Period 1 In The AM Period 2 PM. Period 3 In The AM Period 4 In The PM

January 24th – No Classes For High School/High School Semester Two Registration

January 27th – Semester 2 Begins For High School

January 29th/30th – Planetarium – Schedule To Follow

SCIENCE FAIR – Project Planning Begins


This is now the official Chemawawin School Facebook Page. Without getting into details, our old Chemschl Facebook Page has been compromised and because Edward Weatherman Lander was not the original creator of the account Facebook officials will not allow us regain access to the account. With the creation of this account we have more features added to our page and added security measures. Feel free to connect with us here. PLEASE SHARE THIS STATUS!

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